Project               GONGBECH - UNTOUCHABLE HEART
Client                 GONGBECH Corp,.
Location             Jeju
Year                   2019
Status                Completed
Program             Multicultural Space
Size                   5,071m² (Land) / 1,592.93m² (Building)
Construction       EWAI Corp,.

This building was built as a freezer on the windy coast of Dongbok-ri in 1982 and abandoned for decades. In 2019, it was rehabilitated as a multicultural facility called GONGBECH.

1982년 바람 많은 동복리 해안가에 냉동창고로 만들어진 이후 줄곧 방치되어 온 이 장소는 공백이라는 복합문화시설로 재활 되었습니다.
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